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PFLITSCH Cable Trunking: Automobile-Trunking

Cable trunking for footfall loading in machining centres

The Automobile-Trunking is the robust variant of the PFLITSCH cable routing system.

PFLITSCH Automobile-Trunking complies with the works standard for many automotive manufacturers and serves as walkable floor trunking in many automated manufacturing lines and robotic production plants, allowing loads of up to 1,200 N and using antislip channeled sheet covering (slip-resistance rating R10).

With seven cross sections from 100 mm to 600 mm wide, standard base perforations and universal separating walls, this robust trunking can be placed and combined with other PFLITSCH trunking systems to customer requirements.

Your advantages:

  • Walkable floor trunking with high footfall load
  • High strength, wide support spacing
  • Channeled sheet for antislip safety
  • Can be combined with other trunking systems

Extremely strong yet customisable

Automobile-Trunking made from zinc-galvanized 2 mm steel sheet is extremely load-bearing even with long support spacings. Standard versions are 100 mm high, and when floor mounted with support legs and channeled sheets remain less than a step height of 200 mm.

Separating walls allow the EMC-compliant separation of energy and data cables, fluid and compressed air lines. Our small-cross-section PIK-Trunking can be integrated into this system, thus allowing sensitive cables to be placed in closed inner trunking. When used with variable bends, Automobile-Trunking can be aligned in the vertical plane at any angle between 90° and 180°.

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