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PFLITSCH – more than 100 years’ history of success

From electrical components for the home to industrial cable management

PFLITSCH Historie Messe HMI 2018


April 2018: At the HANNOVER MESSE PFLITSCH presented two new products. The product range was expanded by the Ex-d cord grip LevelEx and the VARiOX cable trunking system. Especially noticeable is the accompanying marketing campaign, whose motto "Intelligent by nature" was also reflected in the exhibition stand.

Richtfest PFLITSCH


PFLITSCH celebrated the official opening of its new automatic small parts store in summer 2017.
The 30,000 storage positions will keep the most frequently ordered standard products in stock to allow customers to be supplied on a just-in-time basis and hence further improve the company's delivery performance.

Mr Lenzing and Mr Stendtke at HMI 2016


April 2016: PFLITSCH GmbH & Co KG starts with the new Management Board Roland Lenzing and Mathias Stendtke into the fourth generation as well as with the new catchphrase „Passion for the best solution“.

Logo 50 Jahre UNI Dicht®


This year we celebrate „50 years UNI Dicht®“. Out of the idea of Otto Pflitsch and his team in 1965 became a successful brand which today stands for a modular system with numerous cord grip variants.

History: The split cable gland systems UNI Split Gland and UNI Flange


This year marks the market introduction of the splittable cable gland system UNI Split Gland and UNI Flange for preassembled cable entries. Harald Pflitsch transfers his share of the business to Roland Lenzing and paves the way for the 4th generation of the family firm, but remains as Managing Director.

History: Booth at HANNOVER MESSE in 2012


PFLITSCH is certified once more as a family-friendly company as a result of the "job and family" (work and family) audit. The new industry concept with nine key industries under the slogan "Energy set in motion" is a success at the HANNOVER MESSE. The appointment of Roland Lenzing as an authorised signatory for the company signals the arrival of the next generation of the family firm. The nephew of Harald Pflitsch is responsible for the field of corporate strategy.

History: PFLITSCH stand at HANNOVER MESSE in 2010


This year is very much influenced by the alterations and extension works on the PFLITSCH headquarters site. Harald Pflitsch celebrates his 65th birthday. The new trunking catalogue containing many innovative ideas is published precisely in time for the HANNOVER MESSE.

History: Booth at the fair in Hannover in 2010


PFLITSCH captures the attention of industry professionals at the HANNOVER MESSE with a newly designed stand. Many new, modified and proven ideas on the theme of industrial cable routing are presented on well over 169 sq m of stand space. And the focus of cable gland interest is on new solutions such as UNI FLANGE and the industrial solutions offered by blueglobe. In the field of cable routing, PFLITSCH shows off its practical cable ladders and robust glassfiber-reinforced plastic GFK-Trunking for the first time.

History: logo 90 years of PFLITSCH


On its 90th jubilee, PFLITSCH is a modern company with an international record of success working under the slogan "Competence in cable management". As a system developer, the company produces special solutions such as adapters for plug-in connections and hygienic cord grips for customers and industries.

History: the software easyRoute for component assemblies


With MatchClamp™, PFLITSCH produces and markets a tamper-proof cable entry – compact and with very high strain relief. PFLITSCH finally establishes itself as a service provider with the CAD design tool easyRoute. On request, PFLITSCH is now able to design, manufacture and supply ready-to-install assemblies of trunking, cord grips and other components.

History: the blueglobe system


Through the introduction of the innovative blueglobe cable gland, PFLITSCH finds itself again setting new standards: with greater clamping ranges, better seal and higher strain relief, this cable gland is a global leader.

History: Ute Pflitsch-Stendtke in 2004


Managing Director Ute Pflitsch-Stendtke dies unexpectedly. From now on a management team supports Harald Pflitsch, who continues as the sole Managing Partner.

History: Otto Pflitsch in 2002


Otto Pflitsch dies after a long illness. His daughter Ute Pflitsch-Stendtke and Harald Pflitsch take over managing the company. PFLITSCH expands its production floor for the manufacture of isometric threads in sizes M6 to M120: enough room for an assembly shop, injection molding shop, a toolmaking shop and test bench.

History: Machines and tools to cut cable trunking


A successful services business builds up around the trunking: under the slogan "From idea to installation", the combination of idea, product and services, PFLITSCH designs and preassembles customised cable routing layouts to suit the customer's wishes. Special machines and machine tools make processing the trunking much easier.

History: Wire tray component assembly


With high-quality "Wire-tray Trunking", PFLITSCH has an installation solution for open cable routing.

History: Media-Trunking in Cologne


PFLITSCH combines Industrial-Trunking with lights and electrical components to form "media trunking" for buildings and vehicles.

History: PIK-Trunking


PFLITSCH complements the proven Industrial-Trunking for large cable volumes with the new product range of compact "Mini-Trunking" (PIK = PFLITSCH Installations-Kanal) for protecting electronic and data cables.

History: EMC cable glands


PFLITSCH sets new standards in the modern environment of electromagnetic compatibility with its EMC cord grips.

History: Presentation of cable trunking in 1980


PFLITSCH brings trunking onto the German market for the first time. A programme of 270 parts made from zinc-galvanized steel sheet in three cross sections for use in covered cable installations in industrial and ready-assembled equipment.

History: the PFLITSCH hexagon as trademark on every product


Otto Pflitsch registers the PFLITSCH hexagon with the characteristic 12 grooves on its edges as a trademark. The hexagon, the blue colour and the slogan "Competence in cable management" still stand today for PFLITSCH and its high-quality products.

History: different sealing inserts for cable glands


The UNI sealing inserts in light colours – a visible contrast to the usual black seals of all the competitor products – are UNI colour-coded according to their diameter.

History: elbow cable gland around 1967


New hose clamps and elbow cable glands extend the range of products. Versions in the high-grade plastic Trogamid come along in the following year.

Hystory: PFLITSCH o-rings in a few variants


O-rings inserted into a groove improve the sealing performance on all cable glands and immediately become the standard at PFLITSCH.

History: Harald and Otto Pflitsch in 1965


On the search for innovative, profitable solutions, Otto and Harald Pflitsch create the patented cable gland system UNI Dicht in brass with its novel, non-detachable PVC seals.

History: Hans-Georg Pflitsch in 1964


Hans-Georg Pflitsch dies unexpectedly a year before his father Ernst Pflitsch as a result of heart disease. The company changes its name to "Gebr. Pflitsch GmbH E. Pflitsch & Co. KG" with Otto Pflitsch as the Managing Director and his nephew Harald Pflitsch as Partner.

History: Opeco cable gland around 1951


Otto Pflitsch prepares the way for the new product segment of cord grips, which are soon also sold in Sweden and the Netherlands. The revolutionary cable gland "Opeco" is a success. In 1956 PFLITSCH develops further metal hose cord grips such as the "SVD-Schlauch-Verschraubung Dicht". A brass clamping ring replaces the usual soldering of metal helical hoses.

History: the young Otto Pflitsch around 1947


Otto, the youngest son of Ernst Pflitsch, joins the company. The sales network in Germany grows under his stewardship.

History: a villa at the river Wupper in 1938


PFLITSCH takes over the premises of the former cloth factory Bockhacker in Hückeswagen, located on the banks of the Wupper and near the railway line. Ernst's son Hans-Georg gains his early experience with various firms and his father's company.

History: PFLITSCH products around 1933


Switchboard pins, metal parts for contact screws, switches and sockets are among the products in most demand. PFLITSCH markets its goods through a Viennese agent in Eastern Europe, Turkey and Palestine.
Ernst Pflitsch designs his company logo from the sign for direct current (straight line), alternating current (wavy line) and the two letters P and F. A logo that still appears on PFLITSCH products today.