The blueglobe cable gland from PFLITSCH sets a benchmark – even in the standard version.

Unique design for a wide range of uses

With the development of the blueglobe cable gland, PFLITSCH has successfully managed to solve a number of different cable entry challenges in an optimal manner. The keys to success are several innovations in minor details that all help give blueglobe a significant competitive edge. And how do they benefit you? As a user, the blueglobe cable gland not only makes it easier to select the right cable gland, it also simplifies the work of cable entry. The compelling design principle has made the blueglobe the basis for an entire range of cable glands that always offers the best possible solution for a wide variety of applications and meets the most stringent requirements, including hygienic safety and EMC shielding.

Catalogue Cable Gland – 03 blueglobe
Catalogue Cable Gland – 03 blueglobe


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All advantages of blueglobe at a glance

Above-average strain relief and IP protection

Inlet technology gives cable glands larger sealing range

Higher flexibility and lower costs due to reduced storage costs and ordering expenses

Higher profitability due to exceptional installation-friendliness

High vibration resistance

Clear marking on product simplifies identification at all times

Broad sealing range for exceptional IP protection

The heart of the blueglobe cable gland is its blue spherical sealing insert. which ideally centres the forces evenly and across a broad area of the inserted cable when the pressure screw is tightened. The design ensures excellent sealing from dust and water, which means the blueglobe achieves type of protection IP 68 up to 15 bar over a one-hour period and passes the IP 69 hose water test. The blueglobe also has strain relief ratings that are up to 100% above the EN 62444 class B standard, which also helps provide excellent vibration resistance. A further advantage is that this sealing principle protects the cable and prevents the notching effect that occurs with conventional lamella systems, which can cause irreparable damage to the cable.

Larger sealing ranges make for greater flexibility

blueglobe with multiple inlet – a cable gland for all applications

Another highlight: you can increase the sealing range of a blueglobe cable gland by up to 100% in some cases due to the sealing insert with its three moulded inlets. To do so, simply remove the respective inlets with a screwdriver, depending on the application. The inlet technology enables you to use a cable gland for a wide range of cable diameters and thus reliably seal even the narrowest of cable thicknesses. In fact, three types (M16, M25 and M40) are sufficient to reliably seal any cable diameter from 4 mm to 32 mm, whereas conventional cable glands require up to five sizes to achieve the same effect. With this technology, the PFLITSCH blueglobe cable gland meets the need for greater flexibility when laying cables – and even higher efficiency.

More efficient – in every respect

The blueglobe enables you to reduce your expenses significantly through lower storage costs, fewer ordering costs and less time spent on article data maintenance. And that’s not even counting the outstanding ease of installation, as the blueglobe is quick and easy to install, which also helps you cut your costs. Apart from the design principle, the decisive factor is that the cable gland consists of very few components and installation does not require any special-purpose tools.

Facts and figures that count

Three variants of the blueglobe cable gland: Brass, plastic and stainless steel

Depending on the application, the blueglobe cable gland is available in stainless steel and brass in connection sizes from M8 to M85 and also as a plastic version in connection sizes from M12 to M63. Another point worth mentioning is that the double nipple and the pressure screw of the gland’s body both have the same spanner size – a detail you will greatly appreciate when installing. The sealing inserts available for the blueglobe cable gland feature an exceptionally high level of temperature resistance. The TPE sealing insert is therefore suitable for applications from –40 °C to +130 °C, while the silicone sealing insert even covers a temperature range from –55 °C to +200 °C.

Introducing: blueglobe

A further small, but practical innovation: the blueglobe has a unique and unmistakable product marking, enabling the respective variant of the cable gland to “introduce” itself to you, so to speak, thus making for reliable installation.

Selected blueglobe products

blueglobe – Plastic

Polyamide, colours: grey (RAL 7035), black (RAL 9011)
Metric connection thread according to EN 60423
Without connection thread sealing ring
Type of protection IP 68 up to 15 bar, IP 69, Type 4X
Strain relief up to class B, EN 62444

CE compliant Designed according to the VDE regulations CULUS certified RoHS compliant
blueglobe – Plastic

blueglobe – Brass

Brass, nickel-plated
Metric connection thread according to EN 60423
With o-ring made of HNBR
Type of protection IP 68 up to 15 bar IP 69, Type 4X
Strain relief up to class B, EN 62444

CE compliant Designed according to the VDE regulations CULUS certified RoHS compliant
blueglobe – Brass