Keyvisual Cable Glands

Hose cable glands for more extensive cable protection

Hoses and corrugated conduits protect the cables – the cable glands seal them

UNI SVD Hose cable gland
UNI SVD Hose cable gland
UNI corrugated conduit cable gland
UNI corrugated conduit cable gland

PFLITSCH offers various hoses to provide comprehensive protection against mechanical and thermal damage to cables, for example where cables are installed in a corrosive environment or where cables run across the floor between a machine and a mobile operating enclosure.

The UNI Dicht system has suitable solutions in metal and plastic for safe connection of hoses to cable glands in these situations. Clampless variants are most suitable e.g. for the food industry, where no contamination or dirt is allowed to build up. These variants have all the advantages of the UNI Dicht® system, including a excellent seal up to IP 68, superior strain relief values, EMC and Ex-compatibility as well as great versatility of application.

Also available are cable glands for

  •     Smooth hoses
  •     Spring-stiffened UL hoses
  •     Hoses with external steel braid
  •     Availability in sizes from M6 to M120 and Pg 7 to Pg 29.

UNI Wellrohr corrugated conduit cable gland

Corrugated conduits carry and protect groups of cables e.g. on robots. UNI Wellrohr corrugated conduit cable gland can be securely combined with flexible plastic tubes. A clamp ring engages the corrugated conduit securely with the cable gland. Versions are available in sizes M16 to M40 and Pg 9 to Pg 36.

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