Small insert with a big impact

The ideal solution for mobile use – thanks to its compact design and practical carry handles. The manual drive guarantees easy work with little physical effort. For maximum convenience when cutting trunking, you can convert the MiniCut to the manual hydraulic drive or mains-operated/battery-powered hydraulic unit.

The MiniCut has been designed for cutting 

  • PIK-Trunking 15/15 to 60/60, steel/stainless steel
Profile MiniCut
Profile MiniCut
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Profile MiniCut


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What you require

  • A machine for quick and easy cutting of PIK-Trunking 15/15 to 60/60, steel/stainless steel
  • Greater cost-effectiveness thanks to time and cost savings
  • Optimised material usage and less waste
  • Greater safety thanks to effortless and safe handling
  • More flexible use wherever you are
  • Rapid amortisation

Our product solutions

  • Precision cutting to length of PIK-Trunking made of steel and stainless steel
  • Reliable cutting of parts with clean and burr-free edges
  • Easy work with a manual drive that requires little physical effort
  • Compatible with manual hydraulic drive and mains-operated or battery-powered hydraulic units – for even easier cutting
  • Practical carry handles and the compact design mean the machine can be used at several locations around your premises (mobile use)
  • Long service life because the cutting plates can be reground
  • Efficient use of materials thanks to precision working and the associated reduction of waste
  • Great cost-efficiency thanks to a good price-performance ratio
  • Including infeed aid for precise alignment of the cable trunking sections (90°)

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