The new UNI Dicht TRI

For EMC protection you can rely on.

The new UNI Dicht TRI boasts outstanding EMC protection thanks to a whole host of impressive features.

The UNI Dicht TRI expands our EMC portfolio and raises the bar for intelligent EMC cable glands. The newcomer in our EMC range benefits from the EMC advantages of the TRI spring and also from the system-related advantages of the UNI Dicht system.

Reliable bonding thanks to TRI spring

The TRI spring patented by PFLITSCH, which has already been successfully deployed in the blueglobe TRI, ensures durable and low-impedance 360° bonding with the cable shield over a large area. This guarantees maximum screening attenuation right up to the upper frequency range – even under vibration. In addition, it boasts a very high current-carrying capacity for reliable discharge of undesirably high shield currents.

Connection of very small cable shield diameters

The UNI Dicht modular system forms the basis for the compact design and the diverse range of variants of the cable gland that is equipped with the proven anti-twist protection. It ideally complements the blueglobe TRI, which likewise features reliable, time- and cost-saving assembly. The sealing principle of the UNI Dicht concept is the “soft pressing” of the cable. This guarantees sealing over a large area without constricting and damaging the cable, and at the same time ensures excellent strain relief. Its design also enables the bonding of very small cable shield diameters, making the UNI Dicht TRI very attractive, especially for the sensor and connector industry. For example, cables with shield diameters of three to 16 millimetres can be installed with the UNI Dicht TRI in size M25. The product variant UNI Dicht Multiple TRI is a highlight of the model range. As the only EMC cable gland available on the market, it allows the entry of several shielded cables with reliable bonding of each individual cable shield using a separate TRI spring.


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