Not just clean, but superclean – hygienic plastic cable gland takes prize

The new PFLITSCH blueglobe CLEAN Plus cable gland made of food-grade plastic has been awarded a REINER! 2021 prize. (The German word “reiner” means “cleaner”.) This new solution from the cable routing specialist is an inexpensive alternative compared to stainless-steel variants that is nevertheless EHEDG-certified and allows a broader group of users to access the world of Hygienic Design. (EHEDG = European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group)

The PFLITSCH blueglobe CLEAN Plus made of polyamide is the first Hygienic Design cable gland manufactured entirely from plastic to gain EHEDG certification. It meets the strict hygiene and cleaning requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries. As such, this cable gland is a key component in the realisation of reliable, safe and reproducible production processes. As an innovation leader in the field of Hygienic Design, PFLITSCH offers comprehensive solutions for hygienic cable entry (blueglobe CLEAN Plus), cable routing (Wire-tray Trunking) and cable protection (hygienic hoses).

blueglobe CLEAN Plus – a champion of sophisticated Hygienic Design in line with EHEDG principles

In order to meet the EHEDG’s stringent specifications, PFLITSCH broke new ground with its blueglobe CLEAN Plus and then succeeded in having it certified as the first all-in-one cable gland.

The body of this gland is made of the high-quality plastic polyamide (PA). The smooth surfaces and rounded spanner flats are typical characteristics. The gland was designed to avoid gaps or exposed threads during assembly. This reduces the likelihood of dirt adhering to parts or surfaces and leading to the formation of bacterial nests. Moreover, the gland’s excellent tightness of seal and resistance to corrosion as well as to all common cleaning agents make it simple to clean thoroughly. The risk of product failures and recalls due to contamination is consequently much lower, which cuts costs and eliminates unnecessary cleaning cycles. In other words, the blueglobe CLEAN Plus represents a significant contribution towards safe and reproducible production processes.

For the sealing inserts and grommets, PFLITSCH uses plastics that comply with FDA 21 CFR § 177.2600 and are suitable for contact with foodstuffs in accordance with EU Regulation 10/2011. Compared to other hygienic cable glands, the blueglobe CLEAN Plus is very compact. Technical features include compliance with the exacting protection ratings IP 68 and IP 69, a large sealing insert that provides exemplary cable protection and the better-than-average strain relief that prevents the cable from slipping out of the cable gland.

The blueglobe CLEAN Plus made of food-grade plastic is available in sizes M16 to M32 for cable diameters from 7 mm to 23 mm, as well as for use together with hygienic hoses. The polyamide variant of the blueglobe CLEAN Plus impressed the jury of the Fraunhofer Institute to such an extent that they awarded this PFLITSCH product solution 3rd place in the REINER! 2021 competition. This prize is awarded on a regular basis by the institute to honour pioneering developments in the field of clean technology. For more information, go to


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