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PFLITSCH machines and tools for efficient cutting of cable trunking

Discover the professional way to save time and money

If you want to cut and assemble cable trunking yourself, PFLITSCH has a new range of machines and tools that is perfectly matched to PFLITSCH’s own trunking systems. Simple, fast and safe cutting to length, punching and notching of cable trunking ensures significant time and cost savings. Thanks to precise cutting with clean and low-burr edges, you reduce the amount of waste and obtain results that are 100% reproducible.

Your benefits:

  • Time and cost savings thanks to easy and comfortable working
  • No reworking necessary thanks to clean and low-burr edges
  • Less waste thanks to more efficient use of materials
  • Precision working with longitudinal stop and infeed aid
  • Great flexibility thanks to being able to use the machines where the trunking is to be cut and installed
  • Greater safety thanks to lower risk of injury

The right machine for every application

Work easily and efficiently with made-to-measure machines

Regardless of whether you want to cut Industrial-, VARiOX-, PIK- or Wire-tray Trunking, the machine portfolio from PFLITSCH can be optimally adapted to the respective application. It comprises three cutting tools, some of which can be combined with three different drives – the manual drive, the battery-powered electrohydraulic drive and the mains-operated or battery-powered hydraulic unit –, which open up a wider range of applications. The various drives allow you to use the machines to cut trunking at a single fixed location or at several locations around your premises.


If you are looking for a compact solution for quick and easy cutting of PIK-Trunking, the MiniCut is the right choice for you.

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If you want to combine different cutting contours when cutting PIK-, VARiOX- and Industrial-Trunking, go for the MultiCut.

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You cut huge amounts of cable trunking? And you want to work as comfortably as possible? Then the MaxiCut is the right machine for you.

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Find the right machine for your needs now


Just a few steps to select the machine that perfectly suits your requirements

So, PFLITSCH’s new machine portfolio has aroused your interest and you would like to install your cable trunking even more conveniently and efficiently in future?
But you’re still unsure which machine is best suited to your needs? No problem. We’re more than happy to help you and give you good advice. All you have to do to enable us to do so is answer the following questions.

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Tools for notching and punching

Opening the route for cables to be laid and connecting components – made easy.

In addition to cutting cable trunking and covers to length, cut-outs have to be notched out of the trunking and holes and/or recesses punched when laying cables. For this purpose, PFLITSCH offers a large number of hand-operated and battery-powered hand tools that allow fast, simple and safe cutting of the trunking – even with an already installed system. Thanks to the streamlining of the work processes, the time and cost savings and the reduction in the amount of wastage achieved with these tools, they are a wise and worthwhile investment.


Lateral cut-outs in Industrial- or VARiOX-Trunking can be realised at the push of a button, for example, with aid of the hydraulic notching punch.

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We have a range of tools to choose from for this step of the process, for example, the recess indent tool or the hole punch.

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We offer a range of useful tools that help with other tasks involved in the installation of cable trunking systems.

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