Customer-specific cutting plates for multiple trunking contours

HÜCKESWAGEN – PFLITSCH has developed the MultiCut machine specifically to enable users of its Industrial-Trunking, PIK-Trunking and VARiOX-Trunking to cut the trunking bodies and covers of these series to length precisely, with very little burr and at the push of a button. This results in reliable, safe, efficient and gentle work processes. The necessary cutting plates are customized in line with customers’ requirements.

Steel and stainless steel cable trunking ensures safe and clear cable routing in and around machinery and plants of all sorts of cable from sensitive fibre optics to thick power cables, and single leads to large cable bundles. PFLITSCH has efficient machines and tools to support engineering companies who prefer to cut, shape and install their cable trunking themselves.

A new addition to our range is the MultiCut, whose cutting plate is individually configured for the respective cable trunking to be installed. Each cutting plate can have different contours depending on the cable trunking cross-section, e.g. 60 mm x 60 mm for PIK-Trunking, 75 mm x 75 mm for Industrial-Trunking and 100 mm x 100 mm for VARiOX-Trunking.

The compact, frameless MultiCut cutting machine is designed for manual and manual-hydraulic operation as well as for being driven by means of a mains- or battery-powered hydraulic unit. It is very simple to use: the trunking bodies and covers are pushed into the contours, then secured and cut to length in next to no time with to-the-millimetre precision. No complex reworking is necessary because the cut parts have clean, low-burr edges. What’s more, the cable trunking keeps its shape throughout.

For the operator, working with the MultiCut is pleasant, safe and quiet – unlike conventional methods using a saw or angle grinder. The portable unit is easy to transport to and position at the installation site.

More information on the new machines are available here:

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Frauke Ulrich

Marketing Manager

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