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easyRoute – the CAD tool with a comprehensive component library for cable trunking

Simple designing and ordering of cable trunking

Routeing of trunking in easyRoute
Routeing of trunking in easyRoute

PFLITSCH makes designing and ordering trunking configurations for your machine and plant very easy: with the easyRoute online design tool, it is very easy to create accurate customer-specific layouts of Industrial- and PIK-Trunking as well as Wire-tray Trunking on your computer monitor.

easyRoute is used by increasing numbers of PFLITSCH customers in the field of machinery and equipment. Using the intuitive user-interface and large component library, the selected trunking components are simply dragged & dropped into the design and displayed in 3D. In the design, the dimensions and spacings inside the machine or plant are defined so that the required trunking will fit precisely. All parts are displayed with the item number so the user can swiftly orientate himself and find where he is in the layout.

The design engineer has access to trunking components and accessory fittings from a component library to use in his layouts. When creating the layouts, users can take into account their requirements for openings in the trunking and the connections at the machine housings or switchgear cabinets. Special parts that PFLITSCH is producing for the project can also be integrated into the layout.

The data created in easyRoute can be incorporated into whatever CAD system the customer uses, for example to check for collisions or complete the documentation for the plant. If the trunking configuration is approved, the system automatically generates parts lists and ordering schedules, from which PFLITSCH manufactures the complete assemblies before delivering them to the customer on time and ready to install.

All these trunking configurations can be reproduced at the touch of a button. Modifications are just as quick to accomplish in easyRoute.

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