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PFLITSCH Cable Trunking: Industrial-Trunking

Smart cable routing for individual cable layouts

Various types of edge protection for Industrial-Trunking
Edge protection
Equipotential bonding wire PHR for Industrial-Trunking
Equipotential bonding wire

PFLITSCH has been setting the industry standard with its Industrial-Trunking. With 13 different cross sections from 50 mm x 50 mm to 600 mm x 150 mm, about 80 accessory fittings and cover variants, the system has a suitable solution for every situation. The trunking can be opened over its total length to allow preassembled cables to be placed or removed quickly and easily.

Your advantages:

  • Safe cable routing for large cable volumes
  • Different cover variants – including hinged
  • Press-fitted, self-securing domed nuts for vibration resistance and proven equipotential bonding
  • Comprehensive edge protection at the sheet edges, low-burr cut edges
  • UL and VDE tested

Fewer fastening points are required because of the high allowable load and robustness, saving you working time and materials. Industrial Trunking is UL-certified for international use. Telescopic components and adjustable elbow accessory fittings compensate for the dimensional deviations in a machine layout.

Low-burr cuts and edge protection measures

High-grade steel and stainless steel sheets are cut and prepared to a low-burr finish. Press-fitted, self-securing domed nuts reduce the amount of installation work, increase the stiffness of the trunking sections and protect the cables inside. Non-detachable plastic components provide edge protection at lateral cut-outs and trunking ends.

Place cables separately and manageably

To impose order to cables in any layout, PFLITSCH markets insertable separating walls to allow data and energy cables as well as media lines to safely share the same trunking section. Appropriately named flyovers carry cables over one another on different levels at crossings and T-junctions.

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