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PFLITSCH Cable Trunking: PIK-Trunking

The standard for simple installations and tight spaces

PIK-Trunking closed
PIK-Trunking closed
PIK-Trunking opened
PIK-Trunking opened

PFLITSCH's PIK-Trunking is designed for routing small numbers of cables. It is also ideal for use where the available installation space is scarce. It is therefore the practical alternative in these situations. With greater sheet thickness and creased side walls, PIK retains its shape under load very well.

Your advantages:

  • Strong construction in ten different cross sections
  • Comprehensive edge protection
  • Deburred longitudinal edges
  • Covers with equipotential bonding
  • Simple installation

Unlike ducted systems, PIK Trunking systems can be opened over their whole length to allow cables to be simply laid in them or cable installations modified later. Its cover is easy to clip on and remains securely in place even on vertical trunking and under vibrations.

Great versatility and enclosed cable routing

PIK-Trunking made from high-grade steel or stainless steel sheet is available in ten trunking cross sections of 15 mm x 15 mm to 200 mm x 60 mm. Bends and tees as well as accessory fittings can be used to create closed cable routing layouts in the X/Y/Z axes – even at corners and junctions. The connections provide for equipotential bonding of all the trunking components. Separating walls keep energy and data cables apart in accordance with EMC requirements.

All-round edge protection prevents cable damage

Non-detachable end caps ensure an elegant termination of the trunking ends and reliable edge protection to the cables. The cables in the trunking are protected from damage. High-quality edge protection accessory fittings perform the same protective role at lateral cut-outs.

The use of support brackets into which the PIK simply clips ensures installation tolerances are accommodated. The trunking can be screwed in place.

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