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PFLITSCH trunking systems route cables safely and individually

Closed and open metal trunking for the global market

Various types of edge protection for Industrial-Trunking
Edge protection
Wire-tray Trunking with toggle-joint fastener
Toggle-joint fastener
MaxiCut to cut cable trunking
MaxiCut to cut cable trunking

In the field of cable trunking, PFLITSCH has set new standards in industries such as machinery and equipment with its Industrial-Trunking products. The trunking can be left open for its full length to allow further cables to be placed or changes to be made to the installation without great expense. With many accessory fittings, telescopic, variable bends and about 2,000 system parts, the application potential is practically endless.

In robotics and automated plants, the robust Automobile-Trunking with its high footfall load, antislip channeled sheet covering and supporting legs is the perfect walkable floor trunking to install between switchgear cabinet and robot.

PIK-Trunking revolutionises the routing of single cables or small cable volumes: in contrast to running cables in ducts, cables can be simply placed in PIK Trunking, because it is open for its full length. Elbows and tees provide all-round protection to the cable at corners and outlets.

In Slimline-Trunking PFLITSCH offers a cost-effective trunking system with which the user can route cable safely in standard applications. This trunking can also be left completely open.

Even more flexible to use is wire tray which can be configured and installed easily with very few connectors and tools. From wide, full-size wire-tray to mini wire tray, PFLITSCH leaves no wish unfulfilled.

For all other needs to do with trunking, PFLITSCH can provide a service package that extends from design right up to the installation of PFLITSCH’s ready-to-install component assemblies including fastenings. The customer has perfect planning certainty and cost transparency.

Where customers wish to preassemble the trunking themselves, PFLITSCH can provide practical machines and tools to allow them to work efficiently.

Additional information about the PFLITSCH cable trunking systems is available in the download area.