Now it's official: PFLITSCH customers are very satisfied.

The satisfaction of our customers is a highly sensitive seismograph for our success. For this reason, customer orientation enjoys an extremely high priority at PFLITSCH. In order to be able to further develop satisfaction in a targeted manner, we actively ask our customers for their values. We have currently done this again, and the first evaluations are already available. From November 2021 to January 2022, we were able to recruit 338 customers for our survey, which was carried out and then analysed by the Institute for Strategic Market Research ISM in Hittfeld.

We achieved the overall level of "very satisfied" and made further improvements compared to the last survey in 2017. The primary purpose of determining the satisfaction of our customers is to better understand their requirements and to identify problems at an early stage. The high level of participation in this survey is also remarkable. We were able to record a response rate of 11 percent. By comparison, two or three percent is already considered a good response rate for mailings of this kind.

Consistently good ratings

The possible ratings range from 1 for "very good" to 5 for "poor". All ratings up to 2 are considered very high levels of satisfaction. Only from 2.5 is there a need for action. We are between 1 and 2 with our satisfaction level in the overall assessment. The majority of 71 percent of customers confirm their high satisfaction with more than 85 out of 100 points. In 2017, we were clearly behind with 60 percent, but also still achieved a top score. This is also confirmed by statistics expert Dominik Wolff, owner of ISM: "I have not seen better values in any other studies we have done so far".

Constructive criticism welcome

In spite of the above-average result, we take a close look at the feedback we receive from our customers, in order to be able to readjust decisive parameters and improve. This time, too, different topics played a role: from product and service quality to a better internet presence. The most important point was the ability to deliver. After all, we succeeded in maintaining our usual high delivery performance even under the difficult general conditions. Here it pays off once again that we have consciously decided against the general trend to outsource production or parts of it to China in order to save costs. Our production on site in Germany guarantees our delivery reliability and is thus an essential cornerstone of our delivery performance.